Hall of Fame

This is a page devoted to those who have served in VC, but for one reason or another had to move on. They all bought something new to the band, and we have enjoyed working with them all in different ways. Some of them still help VC in times of need.

Simon Windersh 2013-2014

A brill bass player that was a VC member for a year. Simon now plays bass for a very busy band called Solace.


Simon Williams 2013-2014

Simon played lead guitar for VC, and his most memorable solo was ‘Knocking on Heavens Door’ and he bought an rockier edge to the band. A very skilful player, and we loved having him in VC. Simon now plays solo at functions and in venues. His solo career has taken off, which isn’t surprising!

Vanilla Candy with logo

Mike Kirkland 2011-2013

Mike played acoustic guitar for us, and bought new songs, gigs and a new energy to the band. We still do some of the songs he brought to the table today. Mike was a huge influence on the band, and for that we thank him. We remember him the most for his guitar introductions!

rach and mike radio

Phil Tidy 2009-2011

Phil was our first bass player in VC and we really loved working with him – he was a legend! Unfortunately he had to leave us as he went on tour with a big tribute band.

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